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Independence House


The Independence House was acquired by the National Archives of Malaysia in 2003. The house was subsequently restored and renovated with the view to preserving it setting for the benefit of future generations.

The land on which the house is sited was originally owned by Che Manjalara, the mother of the late Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, fondly known as Bapa Kemerdekaan and Bapa Malaysia.

The land was subsequently given to Tunku. During the Japanese Occupation in 1942, Tunku built a wooden house on the site, known as Rumah Jalan Baru. In 1953, the Tunku built abrick house on the same site, and retained the plank house using it as the top floor. The house came to be known as Rumah Merdeka by the Tunku's friends including Senu Abdul Rahman, Khir Johari and Tan Cheng Lock. The house was built at an estimated cost og RM20,000.

It was here tha Tunku conceived and organized his successful election strategies in preparation for the general elections of 1955, 1959 and 1969. it was also in this very house that Tunku spent his leisure hours writing. His writings include script for two well-known movies, "Raja Bersiong" and "mahsuri".

On 27 May 1966, a Goodwill Mission comprising 20 officers of Indonesian Armed Forces, led by Second Admiral O.B Sjaaf met with Tunku to settle the thorny issue of confrontation between the two countries. The Goodwill mission paved the way for the preliminary meeting of 7 June 1966 held in Bangkok between Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and Adam Malik. The climax of the negotiation was the final meeting of 11th August 1966 in Jakarta, that brought the drawn Confrontation an officia end.

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