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The P.Ramlee Memorial Library


The country's foremost artiste, P Ramlee, is synonymous with the development of music and film in the country in the 1950s. In fact his songs and films are still popular to this day. In acknowledgement of his extraordinary talent, the National Archives renovated his house and converted it into a memorial library. It was officially opened on 22 March 1986 and was subsequently renovated in 2000. The memorial serves to recognise his contributions to the arts and to encourage research in the arts and culture of the country. The exhibits are arranged according to themes to portray P Ramlee's personality.


The themes are At a Glance, Biography, Getting to Know P. Ramlee, Rising Star, Rhythm and Songs, World of Films, Awards, My Life, His Demise and The P. Ramlee I Knew. Also on display are scenes during the filming of Penarik Beca as well as the original equipment used then. A diorama on the filming of Pendekar Bujang Lapok shows an almost lifelike replica of the actors. P Ramlee and Saloma's clothing are also on display for public viewing.


The objective of setting up the memorial library are:

  1. To acknowledge P Ramlee's contributions to the development of the nation's arts
  2. To immortalise his contributions to the arts and to promote research in all aspects of the nation's arts and culture


At a Glance
An introduction to P Ramlee and a brief history of his life as a proponent of the arts who made a tremendous contribution to the national film and music scene.


Displays items relating to his family background.


Getting to Know P. Ramlee
Recounts his development in education and co-curricular activities from his school days until he became an artiste.






Rising Star
Displays items from his early involvement in music and the tribulations of his life as a singer, composer and musician.

Rhythm and Songs
Showcases the fruits of his career in music. Some of the musical instruments used by P Ramlee in the course of his musical career are also on display.



World of Films
Evokes memories of his acting and direction. Snippets of scenes from his earlier films are shown in order of production.

An Account
A filming scene from one of the films in which he acted, together with the film equipment that was used.

The awards bestowed on P. Ramlee in film festivals where he brought honour to the nation at the international level.

Throughout My Life
Photographs of P Ramlee with some of the country's political figures and his colleagues from within and outside the country.

Making Films
Shows the actual location of a film scene in which he acted together with replicas of other actors.

His Demise
Also on display are photographs of his funeral and the sense of loss felt by the community at large.

The P Ramlee I Knew
Insights from local artistes after his death and heartfelt expressions from his colleagues.

Visiting Time

Tuesday till Thursday
10.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
10.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.
3.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Monday (except Public Holiday and School Holiday)
Admission is Free.
No. 22, Jalan Dedap,
Taman P.Ramlee, Setapak,
Tel. No : 03-40231131
Fax. No : 03-40248632


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