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  1. To fulfil at least 80% of the scheduled advisory visits to government departments yearly.

  2. To appraise and segregate at least 80% of the files listed for disposal within 8 months of receiving the application for disposal.

  3. To retrieve a file requested by a researcher within 2 hours, on condition that the information provided is complete and accurate.

  4. To release a file for departmental loan or reference in 5 working days, based on complete and accurate application.

  5. To preserve 100% of the files specified in the annual target.

  6. To clean 100% of the records specified in the annual target.

  7. To prepare records descriptive lists to meet at least 90% of the yearly target.

  8. To provide copying services for microfilms, tape recordings, black and white or colour photographs and slides, which comply with quality standards, within 7 days of the orders being placed.

  9. To provide copying services for microfilm (off-print) within 3 days of the order being placed or up to 3 months under exceptional circumstances.

  10. To provide binding services for archival materials of up to 10 items per week; to restore moderately deteriorated archival materials of up to 300 files within a week using traditional repair; 600 sheets using tissue repair and 100 sheets using the leafcasting method.

  11. To conduct quality training courses in records and archives management for officers and staff of government agencies within 3 months from the date of application.

  12. To furnish information about the department within 7 days from the date of request.

  13. To provide an effective documentation service and to produce quality material to fill the gaps found in the original sources, such as:

    13.1  To prepare scripts for the This Day in History programme 1 month before the airing time at Radio and Television
            Malaysia (RTM).
    13.2  To conduct Historical Narration Sessions once every 2 months.
    13.3  To conduct oral history interviews within 3 months of initial contact with the potential interviewee.
    13.4  To produce a historical article of about 250 words at least 1 month prior to the date of publication of the news
            media concerned.

  14. To work towards the reduction of customer complaints.

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