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Management Guide (Vital Records Programme)

What Vital Records are

Vital records are records containing valuable information for the functioning of the government machinery and for protecting government interests as well as basic individual rights.

The Purpose of the Programme

The programme carries two main purposes :

  1. To identify the vital records in the public sector.

  2. To ensure that such records are constantly safe, especially in times of emergency/disaster.

Emergencies/Disasters that Can Damage Records

Emergencies/disasters that can damage records include:

  1. Chaos and war

  2. Fire

  3. Theft/Loss/Damage

  4. Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes

Ways to Preserve Vital Records

The following are some of the ways to preserve vital records in the public sector:

  1. Store and preserve the original records in a safe place.

  2. Make security copies of vital records in the form of microfilm, microfiche, etc.

  3. Keep the copies in a safe place.

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