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1. Purpose

Records Management Visits is a service offered by the National Archives of Malaysia, whereby archivists from the National Archives visits departments and agencies to disseminate information and provide guidance on records management. The purpose of such visits is to create an effective and efficient records management system within the government departments/agencies by increasing awareness of the importance of public records and the responsibility of public officials for their management.



2. Advisory Services

  • The National Archives of Malaysia's work plans
  • Requests from government departments
  • Date of last visit - visits to a government department/agency are made at least once in 5 years. Departments/agencies are requested to contact the National Archives if the last visit has exceeded 5 years.

3. Emphasis of the Visit

    (a) The explanation on records management covers the following:

  • Preservation of government records as required by the National Archives Act 2003, General Circular Letter No 1/1970 and No 1/1997 and Service Instructions Chapters 3, 4, 5;
  • Disposal of financial records in accordance with Treasury Circular No 9/1986 (amendments to Treasury Instructions 150) and Treasury Instructions 299;
  • Record segregation by means of the General Records Disposal and Departmental Functional Records Disposal Schedules;
  • Method of preparing the Record Transfer List for record segregation;

  • Method of destroying records;
  • Method of transferring records to the National Archives;
  • Appointment of a Record Officer for the department and his duties;
  • Benefits of systematic and efficient records management; and
  • Other facilities and services offered by the National Archives.

  •     b) Visit to the Record Room/Registry

            The purpose of the visit is to check out the condition and equipment in the room where records are kept and to suggest improvements in departmental records management.

    2. Benefits of the Visit

    • Fosters cooperation and bilateral relationship between the department and the National Archives in records management;
    • Creates awareness within the department of its responsibility towards the management of public records;
    • Assists the department in solving problems related to records management through discussions and collaborative resolution; and
    • Facilitates feedback for the department regarding its record management programmes and activities.
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