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National Archives of Malaysia Logo

The logo of the National Archives of Malaysia was designed by Encik Sumali bin Amat. The logo design competition was held between 1 February and 10 April 1979. The design is an adaptation of the Moorish dome found in the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (the dome with the big clock) to reflect a Malaysian image.

Symbol Explanation
13 sheets of paper Symbol for the national documents and records.
13 sheets of paper joined Representing the 13 states that make up Malaysia which also depict the wealth of national records and documents which are steeped in history.
The papers form a flower with 13 petals The flower symbolises the cultural elements and values contained in the records and documents.
The 13-point star Represents the star in the Malaysian flag which symbolises unity among Malaysians. The points also mirror the shape of the seal used for all official government documents.
The words ARKIB NEGARA MALAYSIA Represent the authority entrusted with storing and preserving government/national documents and records.
The yellow circle Stands for the personnel of the National Archives as the main driving force in the implementation of the government’s plans.
The dark brown bangle-like chain (between the yellow circle and where the papers join) Represents the network of government agencies.
The small outer circle (dark brown) The laws which provide for the National Archives as the custodian of national records for posterity.
Yellow Symbolises culture and history.
dark Brown Represents the colour of earth, something that is natural, and thus represents the documents and records which are natural sources.
Black Denotes firmness in carrying out the policies stipulated by the government as provided for in the laws of the National Archives so that the preservation of documents and records will not be neglected.


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