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Preserve And Bind Course

Records of historical and enduring value form part of the country's heritage and are evidence and reference sources for the government, researchers and future generations. Records are easily damaged by agents of destruction and would be a great loss if they are not kept well, hence the importance of conservation and binding.

This course is conducted for all government officers in the support group such as the conservators/binders, library staff, junior general assistants, administrators and staff of the School Resource Centres and the like.

General Objective:

To enhance skills in record management.

Specific Objectives:

  • To educate on the principles of conservation and binding so that workers would be knowledgeable in these areas.
  • To enable workers to use their knowledge in these areas more effectively in records management.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of preserving records.

Methodology :

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Preparation of a practical workbook
  • Practical sessions


  • 2 weeks (full time)

Qualification of Participants

  • Public service staff in the support group.
  • Priority will be given to staff of libraries, schools and personnel of government departments/agencies who are involved in binding and conservation of books/documents. Applicants are required to attach their job specifications.
  • Applicants will only be selected for the second course if they have already attended the basic course or possess a basic knowledge of binding and conservation.
    (Please attach a copy of the basic course certificate).

How to Apply :

  • Applicants must use form CL1 which can be obtained from their Head of Department. Completed forms must be sent to the Director-General, National Archives of Malaysia, Jalan Duta, 50568 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Forms can also be obtained here

Participants' Requirements

  • Participants are required to bring a ream of double foolscap paper for the practical session. They may take back the finished product to their office.

Other matters

  • Accommodation is not provided.

Date of 2008 Courses:

No.1/2008 (Basic)
18-29 February 2008
No.2/2008 (Second)
7-18 April 2008
No.3/2008 (Basic)
2-13 Jun 2008
No.4/2008 (Second)
10-21 November 2008

Departments wishing to conduct the course in-house may contact the Secretariat:

Course Coordinator Head of Secretariat
Encik Mohd Salleh Alias
Encik Arshad Sulaiman
Facilitator Secretariat
Encik Mohd Zam b. Kedol Encik Rahmat Abd. Manap
Encik Hamdan Abd. Motalib Puan Nor Sabrina Aleg
  Tel : 03-20262909/2917
  Fax : 03-20263703
  Email :
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