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  1. Evaluation is a process whereby important records with archival value are identified for preservation and permanent storage.

  2. Segregation of records distinguishes the active from inactive records. Inactive records without archival value are destroyed with the approval of the National Archives while those with archival value are transferred to the National Archives for permanent storage.

  3. The method for evaluating electronic records is similar to that for printed records. For electronic records, there are two stages of evaluation:

    a) Content Evaluation
    This takes into account the archival value of its content in terms of its significance in administration, legislation, finance, history and research. Only records containing archival value are permanently stored.

    b) Technical and Administrative Evaluation
    Technical evaluation emphasises the authenticity of the record based on security features and complete and clear metadata. Technical metadata explain the data system in terms of the structure of its database, features, location, application, data dictionary, record layout, code book/table, and other related information. Administrative metadata explain the function, date and purpose of the record creation. The relationship between the record and its metadata must be clear for future reference. Such information, either in printed or electronic form, must be transferred to the National Archives together with the record itself.

  4. Record Disposal Schedule

    * The Record Disposal Schedule determines the storage period for any one record in the government agency and the action to be taken at the end of that period. It is meant to facilitate disposal of records for the agency concerned.

    * As with printed records, evaluation and disposal of electronic records can be done with the help of the Record Disposal Schedule prepared by the department with assistance from the National Archives. In any case, the schedule can be put to use at the start when the system is being developed by entering the electronic record archiving function such as storage period, segregation, disposal and archiving. To incorporate this function, the department must first consult with the National Archives to decide on the data structure for such a system.

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